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Sae wcx 2020 registration

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Thermal Management

The following summary details a number of WCX papers—most of which, but not all, were presented at the Digital Summit—on engines, engine emissions, and related technologies. Please sae wcx 2020 registration in to view the full version of this article subscription required.

The stage was set for these topics by Ameya Joshi of Corning, who presented a review of recent regulatory and technical developments in vehicle efficiency and emission control technologies [].

The EU CO2 targets have attracted a lot of attention due to their See more character, but they also drive advancement in internal combustion engines. Sae wcx 2020 registration both regulations, the focus is to ensure low emission levels for NOx and other pollutants under all real driving conditions, including slow urban driving.

A number of regulatory changes are considered in Europe. Even before the Euro 7 stage, the particle number measurement will likely be https://crypto-re-money.site/2020/why-is-bitcoin-going-up-july-2020.html to include smaller particles, down to 10 nm from the current 23 nm.

PFI engines sae wcx 2020 registration produce high PN emissions, especially in hybrid powertrains, due to frequent engine stop-starts.

If an NH3 emission limit is adopted, gasoline engines may require a passive SCR catalyst or an ammonia slip catalyst. High Efficiency Engines The summit included a number of presentations on sae wcx 2020 registration efficiency engine concepts and various approaches to improving engine efficiency.

The focus of most of these papers was for light-duty SI engines.

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Hybridization offers opportunities to further improve ICE efficiency. For example, low speed torque requirements in SI engines are commonly met through compromises such as reduced compression ratio that affect efficiency sae wcx 2020 registration the entire engine map.

With a hybrid drive powertrain, even 5 kW of crankshaft assist at these low speeds can reduce the low speed torque required from the ICE that can enable the use of a higher compression ratio and allow the turbocharger to be re-optimized.

Near rated sae wcx 2020 registration conditions, the re-optimized turbocharger can lower residual read more fraction and allow combustion phasing to be advanced and enrichment to be reduced to considerably lower fuel consumption and CO emissions while maintaining rated power and exhaust temperature limits.

Figure 1.

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Thus, while the Hybrid EV strategy may be appropriate for vehicles operating under relatively light engine loads such as that experienced by passenger vehicles in urban driving, the Hybrid Boost strategy can provide larger fuel economy gains for highly https://crypto-re-money.site/2020/will-gpu-prices-go-down-in-2020.html vehicle operation.

GM is developing a pragmatic engine concept that maximizes efficiency and minimizes pollutant sae wcx 2020 registration through aggressive downsizing, exhaust energy recovery and a multi-mode combustion system [].

The design has 3-cylinders of which two provide power while the third one is used for exhaust compounding, Figure 2. Brake thermal efficiency BTE of The peak efficiency was obtained over sae wcx 2020 registration wide load range relevant for typical drive cycles.

Figure 2. From about bar BMEP, the combustion process is based on a double injection strategy that creates into a quasi-homogeneous background, sae wcx 2020 registration richer region that is ignited by the authoritative lightning channel management impossible mixed-mode combustion.

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Combustion of the richer region raises the temperature and pressure in the cylinder and triggers autoignition of the background mixture. Combustion phasing is controlled by varying the NVO duration and in the low load region of mixed mode combustion, spark timing can be varied sae wcx 2020 registration well.

A low-lift cam profile is used for the intake and exhaust and the expander cylinder is bypassed during NVO operation. At about 5. Simultaneously, exhaust from the power cylinders is directed into the expander cylinder.

Under these conditions, exhaust re-breathing is used to stabilize combustion. In the higher load range of mixed-mode combustion, rebreathing is no longer required.

While dilute combustion modes use a Michigan Technological University and Roth Engine Science summarized sae wcx 2020 registration results for an example implementation of the true Atkinson Cycle using a multi-link mechanism in https://crypto-re-money.site/2020/bittrex-authenticator-code-new-phone.html light-duty SI engine [].

At light to medium load conditions, the efficiency benefit derives almost exclusively from overexpansion.

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However, at higher loads, additional benefits arise because spark timing can be better optimized for efficiency while avoiding knock.

This compares with At higher loads, a third benefit arises from the ability to meet exhaust temperature limits with little or no enrichment.

Another overexpansion concept proposed by EcomanIQ uses deactivated cylinders to achieve overexpansion at part load []. At part load conditions where some cylinders can be deactivated, the non-firing cylinders are used to further expand exhaust gas from the firing cylinders.

In a second paper using a passive prechamber, stoichiometric operation over the entire engine load range was targeted while keeping engine cost increases to a minimum []. The concept used increased compression ratio, Miller cycle valve timing here low pressure EGR, port fuel sae wcx 2020 registration and a variable geometry turbocharger.

When optimized as an engine for a hybrid vehicles using a A sae wcx 2020 registration by the University of South Australia demonstrated some interesting aspects of exhaust waste heat recovery for a stationary genset [].

They carried out some detailed sizing calculations for the WHR system for a 1. While a The mass of the genset is about Thermal Management Thermal management strategies will be critically important for meeting sae wcx 2020 registration proposed California lower NOx emission standards for heavy-duty engines.

The LLC cycle provides very little enthalpy https://crypto-re-money.site/2020/phone-price-in-philippines-2020.html the aftertreatment system—in fact, the exhaust produced during low load operation will actively sae wcx 2020 registration down components that were initially warm.

SAE International - Technical Expert Panel Discussion Graphene for Automotive Applications Part I

Research at the SwRI—conducted as part of the low NOx diesel engine demonstration for California—strongly suggests the NOx emission targets can be met using a dual dosing SCR configuration sae wcx 2020 registration combination with cylinder deactivation CDA and additional engine sae wcx 2020 registration to ensure rapid engine warming after cold start [] [].

Aftertreatment aging is still on-going and final results should be available later this year.

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Tenneco conducted a simulation study of a heavy-duty aftertreatment system, and proposed an alternative thermal management approach to meet the California lower NOx emission standards []. Two thermal management strategies were examined, including a mini fuel burner and an electric exhaust heater.

The fuel burner was able to meet the system objectives on the LLC cycle while utilizing an average 7. When the mini-burner was combined with CDA, the fuel consumed by the mini-burner was sae wcx 2020 registration by 2.

The electric exhaust heater, even though limited in maximum power relative to the mini-burner, was also able to satisfy the thermal deficit of the LLC cycle.

These results suggest that the combination of mini-burner or an electric heater and CDA may present a viable alternative to the configuration proposed by the SwRI. Of course, the mini-burner consumes more fuel than cylinder deactivation which actually saves fuel.

However, CDA alone is insufficient during cold start, sae wcx 2020 registration the additional engine measures that sae wcx 2020 registration be used to heat the aftertreatment system may very well consume more fuel than the mini-burner.

In addition to the conventional heavy-duty aftertreatment configuration, the Tenneco study also includes an analysis of a system with dual dosing SCR.

Three cylinders were deactivated using a calibration that was part of some initial performance development activity for the SuperTruck II program.

For most of the low load cycles tested, the engine operated in CDA mode for most of the cycle. The results presented were for warmed-up engine operation—i.

The highest NOx and CO2 reductions tended to be found for the cycles that operated at the lowest create public key. For the heavy-duty systems being developed, CDA is unable to significantly accelerate aftertreatment system sae wcx 2020 registration after a cold start and more conventional strategies that also consume significant amounts of fuel may still be required for this task.

Using a light duty 4-cylinder SI engine 1. DSF increases the load on the firing cylinders and allows more combustion phasing retard before combustion instability becomes too high.

The higher cylinder load also allows intake cam phasing to be advanced to increase residual fraction and provide some emission benefits without degrading combustion antminer e3 2020. All of the tested, aged configurations could comfortably meet the relevant PN as well as HC emission sae wcx 2020 registration.

Bigger TWC volume i. An interesting case study by Cummins evaluated the catalytic performance of a sulfur-poisoned Cu-SSZ SCR catalyst that had been exposed to high sulfur diesel fuel []. It was found that both physical poisoning by ammonium bisulfate ABS and chemical poisoning Cu-S species contributed to the reduced NOx conversion.

Catalyst activity could be partially restored after exposure to high temperatures.

Conference report: SAE WCX 2020 Digital Summit

Industrial Power Alliance and the University of Michigan investigated EGR cooler deposits from non-road diesel fueled equipment [].

The More info coolers from construction vehicles that had accumulated over 10,h of operation were removed and analyzed.

They discovered that sae wcx 2020 registration density of the field aged deposit samples was over 5 times higher when compared to typical samples generated on an engine bench and that the mass and density of deposits at the outlet end of the cooler was greater than at https://crypto-re-money.site/2020/bitcoin-mining-software-2020-no-fee.html sae wcx 2020 registration side.

In most cases, sae wcx 2020 registration outlet deposits contained a higher proportion of volatiles.

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