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How to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria

how to link your bank account to paypal in nigeriaWhen I decided to open one for myself, I made up my mind to document the process as I open and verify it and that's why you're reading this post. Now that I have. Take advantage of this secure online banking option which makes transaction easier and faster. Open your account now!

September 2, For many young Nigerians, freelancing is the difference between having a stable financial life and chaotic financial instability. With rising unemployment due to economic failures and political instability, freelancing has become a primary stream of income for many, not out of choice but necessity.

When you look at the global market size for the gig-talent-freelance economy, you find that Africa has You may be wondering, what makes receiving payments from global clients in Nigeria such a big deal? Most online marketplace platforms have various payout how to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria.

How to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria

However, these payout methods are not always accessible to individuals and businesses from certain parts of the world, e.

As it is now, most Africans are relegated to consuming and buying but cannot produce and sell to the global audience due to limited payout options.

How to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria

Consider PayPal. There are few countries in Africa allowed to send and receive payments via the platform, and Nigeria is not one of them.

The only provision for Nigeria and Nigerians on the platform is to link a credit card and make payments to merchants.

How to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria

No receipt of funds allowed. But those from Nigeria-Africa and other few other regions are cut off. What do we do?

How to open a PayPal account in Nigeria

Some freelance marketplace platforms are customer-oriented, which means they consider users from all regions in their decision-making. These platforms encourage freelancers to request new payment platforms where the how to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria ones are not inclusive.

The response time to such requests, however, can take forever. This process took about two years before it was rolled out. As we wait, how do freelancers and online creators from Nigeria — Africa get paid?

Alternative methods Nigerian freelancers use to receive international payments currently.

How to receive money through PayPal in Nigeria

How to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria at your own risk. Bypassing the restrictions You hear a lot of talk how to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria VPNs, dedicated US numbers, and other tech-speak that threaten to turn your brain to mush.

Please note that using a VPN to how to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria PayPal is risky because https://crypto-re-money.site/account/advcash-account-number.html account would be blocked if foul play is detected, and most times, it is.

It how to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria all the features you need as a freelancer or online creator, including the ability to receive payments.

Send money and track transactions from anywhere with the Xoom app

Sign up and choose the business account option. Input your email address and click next. Please ensure it tallies with your legal information as it appears on your documents and your debit cards.

Your business name can be any name. For your phone number, select Nigeria and enter your number. Select the currency to be used, and choose the USD option. Select the business category and subcategory.

How to Link PayPal to Nigeria Bank Account [2020]

Be sure to omit the URL option. Do not include it. Input Nigeria as your nationality and select the national identity card or international passport.

How do I withdraw money from PayPal to Nigeria bank account?

Upload the document you choose. You may need to inform your bank that you intend to receive international payments from this account. These balance thresholds are being reviewed intermittently, so check to know the current paypal login my. Teespring: you could also try Teespring.

The whole transaction takes place on Payoneer, but it comes with a few snags. Exchangers: Anyone familiar with the Nigerian freelancing scene from way back in can attest to the age-old option of receiving payments through exchangers.

The process entails selling your funds to be exchanged and sent to your local bank account. The only negative here is that exchangers determine their exchange rates, so how to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria you sell your PayPal funds, you may not be getting them at the real exchange value.

How To Withdraw Money from PayPal to Nigerian Bank Account 2020 – 2022

If all else fails when it comes to dealing with using PayPal, you could also try opening a US or UK PayPal account if you happen to be in those locations.

Or, as a last resort, you ask someone you trust abroad to open one for you and remit the funds when you need them.

However, enough about PayPal. Below are other options to receive international payments. We recommend these four options below. All you need to do is create an account at Payoneer.

Steps to link bank card to PayPal Account

Payoneer is easy to use and is also widely accepted on major platforms. There are two means of withdrawal from Payoneer. Funds are usually available in under 2 hours. Here are the steps to create a Payoneer account: Fill in your name, address, etc. Provide the details of the ID as required.

How to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria

Provide your bank account details if required. If you love your funds and are not willing to part with it with exchangers, TransferWise is the best option for Nigerian freelancers.

TransferWise yanks the plug right out of the middleman socket when it comes to currency exchanges.

How to link your bank card to PayPal account in Nigeria in 2 minutes!

Instead of selling your funds to a third party exchanger, TransferWise does the transfer to ensure you receive the relevant amount in your geographic location. TransferWise supports over currency routes and is available in 6 African countries, including Nigeria.

A side note: if you have a Nigerian PayPal account limited to making payments but not list pokemon free go 2020 accounts, you can transfer from PayPal to your TransferWise Account and then withdraw to your local bank how to link your bank account to paypal in nigeria this web page. You cannot transfer from TransferWise to PayPal, however.

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