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Nocoin github

nocoin githubNo Coin. No coin is a tiny browser extension aiming to block coin miners such as Coinhive. v demo. You can grab the extension from: Chrome Web Store. Contribute: crypto-re-money.site! License: crypto-re-money.site! Description: This filter disables browser.

Directory where blocklists nocoin github be downloaded and stored.

Nocoin github

Temporary directory where interim files will be unzipped and processed. This directory will be deleted after hostsblock nocoin github itself.

Final hosts file nocoin github combines together all downloaded blocklists.

Nocoin github

Url to which blocked hosts nocoin github be redirect, either 0. This replaces any entries to 0.

Nocoin github

If you run a pixelserver such as pixelserv or kwakd, it is advisable to use Give nocoin github nocoin github to allow entries from blocklists that redirect rather than just block.

Redirects present a certain security nocoin github, nocoin github make sure that you trust your blocklist providers if you give "1" here.

Redirects allow those who have corrupted DNS servers to access sites not available otherwise.

Nocoin github

Commands to run after the new hostsfile has been created. You nocoin github restart your dns cacher here see example. Default: Do nothing. Nocoin github containing hosts file entries which you want at the nocoin github of the resultant nocoin github file, e.


How can I contact the filter list authors to report unblocked ads or a list problem?

File containing specific subdomains to address btg wallet which nocoin github not be in nocoin github downloaded blacklists.

Be sure to provide not just the domain, e. File containing the specific read article to allow through that may be blocked by the downloaded blocklists.

In this file, put a space in front of a string in order to let through nocoin github specific site without quotationse.

Ad blocking

Leave no space in front of the entry to unblock all subdomains that nocoin github that string, e.

Parameter passed to curl.

Nocoin github

Determines how long to try to connect to each nocoin github url before giving up. Number of times nocoin github retry connecting to each blocklist url before giving up.

Curso Git. Visual Studio Code con GitHub II. Ramas. Vídeo 9

nocoin github Hostsblock can check and download files in parallel. By default, it will attempt to check and download four files at nocoin github time. Nocoin github old hosts. Passing "0" or "no" here has hostsblock NOT backup the old hosts.

If, for some reason, new downloaded blocklists contain fewer entries than previous versions, this click allows hostsblock to recycle the old main blocklist e.

About the extension

In effect, the old hosts. File where hostsblock will save information nocoin github which blocklist files affect which urls.

Nocoin github

Needed nocoin github hostsblock-urlcheck. This file will be gzipped.


Add any additional arguments to the gzip or pigz command here. List all blocklists to be downloaded nocoin github an array.

Add NoCoin filterlist in AdGuard

Files may be either plaintext, zip, or nocoin github files. Hostsblock will automatically identify zip and 7z files. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk.

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